Sightseeings in Saxon Switzerland

Fort and town Hohnstein
The fort Hohnstein is enthroned on the high rock (Hoher Stein) and surrounded by deep precipices above the romantic Polentz valley (Polentztal) and the town Hohnstein. A little museum talks about its changeful history when it was also used as a prison. Since 1997 the castle is a house of nature lovers.

Fort and town Stolpen
Stolpen gained famousness through Countess Cosel. The mistress of August the Strong, King of Saxony and Poland, who banished the Countess to this place, had to spend 49 years of bondage here.

Fortress Koenigsstein
The fortress, 240 m above the river Elbe, is the symbol of the town Koenigsstein. There is an excellent view from the 9, 5 hectare big fortress plateau over the landscape of Saxon Switzerland. Permanent exhibitions and constructions of the Late Gothic, renaissance and baroque are to be marvelled at.

Weesenstein palace
Wesenstein palace soars above the Mueglitz. A unique architectural ensemble joins the heaviness of the Middle Ages, the symmetry of the renaissance and the magnificence of the baroque to a rare association, consistently tradition.

Baroque Garden in Großsedlitz
In the baroque garden Großsedlitz where the courtly society once used to celebrate and promenade, visitors can experience gentle tourism in charming beauty nowadays. The garden which was accomplished by August der Starke for his representations is almost original in its basic structure.

The palace Zuschendorf, (Landschloss Zuschendorf) is situated on the outskirts of Pirna. Its also known as camellia palace and is assumedly derived from the 13th century. It has a changeful history and a big number of proprietors. Today in its wonderfully well-tended park, valuable botanic collections are placed there. Some of them are partly several centuries old. Among camellia, azaleas, bonsai and ivy, the biggest hydrangea collection of Germany is awaiting you

The National Park House in Bad Schandau
is one of the most modern visitors centres of Germany. Discover things hidden for the human eye under the microscope, watch busy ants in the sole ants zoo in Saxony. Photos, lyrics and music of two slide shows abduct the visitor into the world of the national park.

The Saxon steam navigation
is the oldest and biggest paddle steamer fleet in the world. Incomparable beautifully is a trip on the Elbe, the landscape of stones and rocks and idyllic places are passing by quietly and introspectively.

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