City sightseeing tours in Saxon Switzerland

Bad Schandau - wonderfully situated the Elbe, Bad Schandau is the most central resort in Saxon Switzerland. The small town with its typical mediaeval town centre invites to an enjoying stroll through the town centre with its cafes, restaurants and shops. As the oldest health resort in Saxon Switzerland it has a big tradition. With classic health resort institutions, completed with modern beauty and wellness offers, you will find here everything for body and soul.

Sebnitz - Art and nature lovers can linger in museums, visitors centres and exhibitions and can explore saxon tradtions as well as other themes. It ranges from classic the production of artificial flowers to model railways museum. The journey from the Caucasus to Africa in 2 minutes is recommended for globetrotters. In direct neighbourhood are the -Afrikahaus- (African house) and the -Kaukasusstube- (The Caucasus snuggery). Sebnitz is also en vogue as wellness oasis. The licensed health resort offers the best for a relaxing and pleasant personalised stay.

Pirna - The town to the Saxon Switzerland is situated and imbedded into the picturesque landscape of the Elbe valley, between Dresden and the Elbsandsteingebirge (Elbe Sandstone Mountains). Untroubled by damages of war and great fires as far as possible, one can experience places in the historic Old Town whose silhouette could be kept over the centuries such as the market painted by Bernardo Bellotto, also named as Canaletto, in the middle of the 18th century. The paintings of the Venetian made Pirna world famous. It is worth while to do a discover tour through the medieval city centre with its winding alleys, lordly town houses, charming courtyards and numerous fonts. The town offers a big variety of culture and leisure time facilities, farmers markets and many small shops, restaurants and cafes.

Our Tip: RATAGS - arts and crafts house - On two 3-sides yards you take into the magical world of the folk art of the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). In old buildings with cross vaults you will find the suitable present for each occasion and tastes. Visitors centre and event shopping on more than 3000 sqm - unique in Germany. (Hauptstrasse 120, Stolpen OT Langenwolmsdorf

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